Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Education System

Check out this video put by eduvisionary on the global need of changing the education system. I wrote in a comment there and am just replicating the same here:

I loved the speech.. It is so true that we are in great need to change the education system -- especially in countries like ours, where the children are simply learning things which perhaps they will never use in their lifetimes and will most probably forget after appearing for tests on them.. Our study system in the grassroot level hardly helps anyone to get any job anywhere.. I teach slum children in mumbai who are going to government schools, and I realize that they are just wasting their time trying to learn something which they dont like and which will never help them sustain themselves. I would rather have them go to vocational schools and develop their areas of interests so much so that they can eventually become economically independent and happy. It is disheartening to see that many children there want to be doctors and engineers just because they have been conditioned to think that these are the options for someone who goes to school, whether or not one has the potential to be one.

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