Friday, August 29, 2008

what can i do?

Submitting to the steep fall in enthusiasm, I am blogging far less than what I used to. But that does not mean that I am reading less or am having fewer opinions, in fact it is just that I am blogging lesser, actually much lesser.

Read this post by shekhar kapur, and gave in my comment, which you can also find below:

It is sad to know that people need a front page write up on a news paper to know this fact. But, if people read it and registered it and understood what it means, then too i think the print media did some good. Instead of only highlighting chest thumping news about mergers acquisitions and all the money that is flowing into our country which every media does best, they sometimes do a bit to educate the ignorantly blissful indians who think India is Shining!

What people like us can do abt it??
1. Be aware.
2. Have an educated opinion.
3. Practice and preach what is true.
4. Inform peers of the unjust prevalent in the society.
5. Do our bit to save world resources.
6. Live a decent and not a lavish life.
7. Nurture the feeling to give.
8. Let go of our prejudices.
9. Stand up to injustice -- even if it is happening to someone else.
10. Let go of the thought that ‘how can I make a difference when the rest of the billion people are giving a damn’.
11. Stop thinking that I have too many issues in my life to think abt others, because you dont have to look too hard to find someone who is in deeper mess than yourself.
12. Be tolerant of people who are different but not wrong.

I am not preaching, I constantly try to practice everything that I listed -- some things come easy to me, for others I make a conscious efforts.. But the beginning and truth of change is that it has to start with you.

We are partly responsible for the current state of our people. As the old adage goes "Every country gets the government it deserves"

We need to make ourselves better to get better leaders.

The day every person sleeps with a full stomach, justice is not limited to the powerful, when education is not a privilege, when our women can do what they please and still be safe, maybe then we can say that india truly is shining.

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Deepak said...

Deepshikha,been a while since I came around to your blog. I share your predicament here with regards to 'times' when I am less active blogging. Times like these I employ a pulse check:
- Do I feel strongly enough about things that mattered to me once.Have my interests have moved on? Which is normal progression. I will the blog up a different sound or note or idea. Maybe diary up my days for posterity.

-The other writers' dilema is one that says, everything I would ever want to say or write is or was already written.What's the point anyway (escpecially if I wake up to days when I think who reads my blogs anyways ;)). Then I go ahead and give myself a good ego rub and say, maybe it was written, but never the way I see it, never the way I feel for it, 'I' being the operative word here.What I write is simply outright unique, one of its kind. There is just one of my kind you see :)

- If nothing else, keep reading until the next creative curve turns up and you will love to write more.

But , I do think writing up is a brilliant way of staying connected with yourself. A very useful tool in todays rushed up times.

Tk care and keep blogging.