Monday, July 28, 2008

"I blame No One"

Forward from Shekar Kapur's post, I read the comment section, and the majority of the people say 'I blame no one' (Of course, there are some who stupidly go on saying I blame the Terrorists without understanding how a simple man is being turned into a terrorist!).

This is my reaction to them:

"I am surprised to see that people don't have an opinion. Saying something like 'I blame NO ONE' shows that one cares less -- is unaware -- thinks that he/she is living in the Utopian world.. If one has to be a responsible citizen, he or she should first be aware and develop an opinion -- a sound opinion. A majority of the comments here say 'I blame none'.. How is that possible?? If you hold no one accountable/responsible, how will you take steps to ensure it doesn't repeat? If the people of this nation say, 'I blame no one', then the future of the country is also as ambiguous as the the 'no-ones'. Truly sad -- especially in this era of information.. Like I think quite often, availability of information is doing no good.."

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