Friday, August 29, 2008

Tahelka Article - A New Day a New Mastermind

I personally request you to please read this article from Tehelka on the Ahmedabad Blast ‘supposed’ mastermind.

You will be angry to read how the state is conspiring against innocent people and how the ignorant media is foolishly and irresponsibly backing them.

It is very unfortunate to see how Muslims of our nation are being subject to vandalism and torture, and how they are being denied their rights in broad daylight – all this just for being a Muslim in the Hindu majority nation of a grossly corrupt government and equally ignorant citizens.

Time and again, innocent muslims are falsely framed as terrorists and convicted for crimes they have not done.

For an example, Afzal Guru’s case is a very recent example of how the police and intelligence has miserably failed. Any sane human who reads the case will be able to understand how baseless the allegations are.

Of course, if these are not the real culprits, the actual ones must be lurking out there somewhere getting ready to launch another attack (although the recent blasts appears more like a politically channeled fiasco)… So, it is a gross failure. If you cant catch the right guy, you should not at least catch a wrong guy and fill more unrest, resentment, anger which would eventually seed the fire of revenge in the hearts of these otherwise harmless people.

Plus, this also adds to the already overflowing insecurities that the musilms live with – that they can be falsely implicated any time – they can be called a traitor or terrorist anytime – that they are seen as threats and anti social elements by the rest of the population. It adds to the stupid belief of the majority non-muslims, that all muslims are terrorists and that they are ‘bad’.

They are not bad, but if this continues, they will eventually be left with no choice than to fight back, revolt and take revenge.

We are already seeing the freedom movement which is uprising in the Kashmir valley.


kochuthresiamma p .j said...

discovered your blog from shekar kapoor's blogsite-thought i found a like minded person.
the tehelka article is disturbing. wonder if u read their expose on post gujarat riots?
i remember reading in some blog comment that innocent people being tortured in the name and accused of terrorism is a regretable but inevitable 'colateral damage"!!?? was planning a blog on that when i saw your piece.

dipayan said...

landed on your blog while randomly searching for different takes on robi thakur's comment. then started reading the rest of the blog. and while doing so, i felt an instant urge to disprove, or rather debate every single line of interpretation you have taken on each subject matter. may be, in your urge to question everything, which by itself is a great habit, you turn cynical. for a start, the 'indian' in the poem could well be a reference to native american 'indian' and not east 'indian'.

anyways, i can be entirely wrong, pointless and preposterous in whatever i have typed. but then i love a good debate and a healthy exchange of views...

write2kill said...

the so-called terrorist in govind nihalani's 'drohkaal' says: a violent anti-people state only only perpetrates violence, it also generates counter-violence

unfortunately, the quote is not unique. the thoughts have been expressed before, and continue to be expressed.

many muslims are not just being "victimised". we are creating a situation where we will be in a perpetual state of civil war. wse don't really need the ISI to foment trouble. we are quite capable of doing it ourselves.