Thursday, July 24, 2008

.. paints her face like an Indian. Huh???

Last night I watched the film 'A good woman' -- it is based on the play 'Mrs. Windermere's fan' by Oscar Wilde. SO, ofcourse there are some fabulous dialogues, Hovever I found this one in bad taste..

"She's old for God's sake.
She dyes her hair.
She paints her face
like an Indian.

She's a cold,
selfish woman.
Not all attractive
once you know her."

Am wondering, if all Indians paint their faces!! Well, I guess Indians living abroad do.. Plus this film has a plot in late 1930's... the time when Indians could not think of anything but freedom -- access to makeup??? sounds tough..

Well, who knows?


Someone said...

Maybe - what he meant was 'Red Indian'. They paint their faces with war paint or tatoos... its a tribe culture thing....

I dont think wilde meant 'Indians' as in 'from India'...



Deepshikha said...

@greekalphabet: Or maybe he was talking about the Indian elite class ladies living abroad or the ones moving in the british circle in those days.. Why I am saying this is because I have seen my great aunts living abroad dab a lot of foundation and powder onto their faces and then applying a dark red lipstick.. :) :)
Anyway, was talking about this with another friend last evening and we had a good laugh :)..

Deepshikha said...

@greekalphabet: Hey, I think u r right about the 'indian' being, red indians. Another friend of mine said the same thing -- said it with alot of confidence i must add :) :)