Monday, July 28, 2008

Will it be MP next?

There we had it again -- Bomb lasts in Ahmedabad --
I posted the following as a response to Shekar Kapur's post on Ahmedabad Blasts.

"It is such a shame that we are witnessing such inhuman random killings done by a bunch of frustrated, disoriented and probably fanatic bunch of hooligans. And if you ask me, who should be blamed -- it has to be the politicians topping the list. Followed by the state machinery, the terrorists themselves and us.
Yesterday I was discussing about the blast with a friend in UK, and during the talk, I actually said that there was no surety that the blasts were not supported or funded or masterminded by the state themselves. I for once cant completely trust my leaders -- most of our leaders are people with horrific histories -- with enormous unaccounted wealth, with numerous criminal records and no education. How can we be sure that Indian Mujahideen is not a brain child of a political plan? Maybe this time it is not (I totally believe Godhra was, for that matter even Babri Masjid Mess was to an extent..), but who can vouch that our government is for working for us? With a population like ours -- which has diverse belief systems, how can we be fair democratic nation?? When we pay heed to 51% vote (considering that to be a majority) and ignore the views of the rest 49%? We are pseudo democratic and also pseudo secular. You and I may not be discriminating on the basis of religion – but look at the majority and you will sadly see that you are wrong. Sometimes I feel, maybe India would have done better if it was under dictatorship of a learned and authoritative person. Anyway, looking at the trend, the blasts are being targeted in BJP states -- Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad .. So the next in line is MP. I hope it doesn’t happen .. But I would like everyone to be careful .. The least we can do is spread the message of love and peace -- of genuine love -- that can be the only savior."

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