Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cut me and I wont bleed?

"A disciplined person, enjoying sense objects with senses that are under control and free from attachment and aversion, attains tranquility. (2.64) An uncontrolled mind distracts the intellect as a storm sways a ship from its path. (2.67) A person who is not disturbed by the incessant flow of desire, that enter the mind, like rivers into an ocean which is ever being filled but is not disturbed by the rivers, can alone achieve peace, not the one who strives to satisfy such desires. (2.70)

Self-realization is to know one's relationship with the Supreme Lord and His true transcendental nature. A Self-realized person does not need rituals to reach God."

The above is picked up from the 2nd chapter of the Bhagwat Gita. Time and again I have been told that the road to peaceful existence is about renunciations – about giving up your desires. If one needs to give up desires that means he has to design himself to stop feeling and if that it what the wise have to say, then what good would be a human being vs a robot?

I am really not convinced by this style of living. And talking of ‘Nothing can move me’ attitude, well I can’t believe that for any normal human being, that there is absolutely no one that he loves. Difficult to even contemplate, forget practicing it.

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Rajan Punchouty said...

There is an interesting question some what related to this. God created man or man created God!!!! I strongly believe that man created God out of fear. All prayers, songs, rhymes in all religions either praises the god or ask for forgiveness.

( Earlier human feared from strong winds that caused big trees fall, he feared scorching sun that caused drought and famine, he feared heavy rains that caused flood. So he named them as god (Hindu and Greek mythology) or something done by god out of anger (Noah's arch story in Koran and bible)).

God being angry thus having feeling like human is again one of the most stupid postulate of any religion. Assuming if Almighty really exists, he is so big that human does not have any capability to make him happy or sad. It doesn't matter to him if some one pray or abuses him or do any sacrifice for him. Bottom line is, god if exists, cannot be sadist (like human) to make way to "Moksha" so tough.