Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a shame!

The double standards of a few western countries like the 'great' US of A is so shameful. On one hand they passionately guard their human rights and claim justice to be prime for themselves, however, on the other hand they don’t treat people of other countries the same way. It is such a shame. This boy could have been someone from our family.

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Curtis W. Jackson said...

The injustices in today's world is far-reaching to challenge any nation of professed principals and morals. The loss of the teenager may had been a life-long tragedy stemming from his family life. It is in truth a life cut short with an unfulfilled future. The unfair factors leading to his death and that of others remain today. My thought all peoples need to share a singular message of real hope for our future.
There is an outstanding need for nations to exercise a mutral, common-sense knowledge generating actual peace, lasting security and true love and regard among mankind. We have realized that nationalism and worldly politics, the United Nations and many, many religions fell short in such honorable objectives. If you obtain such good news and wonderful teachings from a trustworthy source please feel incline to practice and embrace them for your life's worth.