Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Women on top!

I am a photo enthusiast. I love to browse through tastefully clicked pictures. There are many photographers whose work I really appreciate, but this post is not about them.

In so many years of following pictures clicked around themes of portraying different emotions, life, beauty, sins, indulgence etc, I have noticed that photographers pre dominantly use a woman as their subject.

I have very rarely seen men being the posers, especially when it comes to shooting an entire series around a certain theme.

I being a woman am quite proud if we have what it takes to be an artists muse for every emotion, however I really want to know why men are less preferred when it comes to photography.

If any of you have any links to some interesting pictures of men (not single picture -- I am looking for a series) depicting human emotions (not jails or wars) then please do share.

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