Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I remember..

A beautiful poetry by Md. Iqbal

Aata Hai Yaad Mujhko

Aata hai yaad mujhko guzara hua zamana

vo baag ki baharen vo sab ka chah-chahana

Aazadiyan kahan vo ab apne ghonsale ki

apni Khushi se aana apni Khushi se jaana

Lagati hai chot dil par, aata hai yaad jis dam

shabanam ke aansuon par kaliyon ka muskurana

Wo pyari pyari surat, Wo kaamini si murat

aabaad jis ke dam se tha mera aashiyana

I was reading about Dr. Iqbal and I learned that the two nation theory was in fact his brain child. It was he who visioned a separate nation for the Muslims. I am not sure of this information. This has opened a new area for me to read and explore.

Anyway, today I am writing this entry on his 134th birth anniversary in the memory of him as a great poet.

Ps: You can find the english translation in the comment section.

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Deepshikha said...

Translated to english by Ayesha Kaljuvee

Memories of days gone by come back to me
that garden in spring, all that chitter chatter

That freedom of my nest
that coming and going as one pleased

It hurts my heart when i so recall
the petals glowing with those tears of dew

That lovely face, that peaceful abode
by which my whole world was alive