Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What keeps India Busy?

Rural development minister, Jairam Ramesh goes for an official work to Bikaner where he was welcomed by cotton spun garlands. Mr. Ramesh keeps it on the table and later uses it to wipe out something off his shoes.

Now the entire nation is offended because of this. The BJP leaders are saying that this act was an insult to Gandhi!!!!

This is totally insane. It just could be a one of situation where someone wipes something off their shoes or dresses with the most accessible linen that s/he finds at that point of time.

To add to this drama, they now demand an apology not only from Jairam, but also the CM!

Linking this to national shame is not really the most intelligent thing to do. Especially when the same news paper has reports on 2G corruption and India being one of the top most depressed nations of the world.

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