Monday, May 12, 2008


I reported about this ditch which is at Sakinaka Junction to the local authories and also to a radio channel initiative of getting ditches in mumbai fixed before the monsoons. You can report a ditch by phoning 44104104 (mumbai number) or send an email to -- They promised to follow up and inform me about the progress.

All of us should try to make a difference instead of just complaining.. Hai naa..


kunal bhatia said...

thats a good thing that you did..
so did it work?
- Mindless Mumbai

oh, and my blog has shifted to the new address above, do change the link in your blog roll thanks!

Deepshikha said...

All promises were broken :(

Deepshikha said...

You know, since yesterday, people from Fever 104 FM have contacted me about this pot hole!!! I am glad that they are trying to follow up :) .. So, my fellow indians, we do stand a chance!! Thanks to Dev from Fever 104 FM and also the lasy who called up today. BTW, I gave my complain in recording today!! Wonder where it will be used :) :) ..

A-non said...

Great idea... never knew such a number existed. Good going!