Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Found the lyrics of this song from a website, thought of sharing it:

The song is in Saraiki language and it is written by Baba Bulley Shah.

Bulley nu samjhawan aayan behna te bharjaiaan,
Munlay bullehya sada kehna chad de pala rayaan
Aaale nabi Aulade Nabi nu tu kyon leeka laayaan
Jehra sanu Syed saday doozakh milan sazayaan

Raaeen Saaeen subhni Thaeee Rab diyan be parwa yan
Sohiyaan pare hataian te kojiah lay Gul layaan
Jay tu Loray Baagh baharan Chakar ho ja raai yan
Bulley shah di zaat ke puchni Shaakar ho Raziaaan

Bandeyaaa hoooo ,Bandeya

And the story behind it is written below: (picked it up from here)

Actually bulle shah is being asked by his relatives to leave his murshid or guru whom he call as ‘raaean’ or ‘raaniya”

probably that was the caste of his mursheed or peer - hazrat shah anayat which was lower then bulle shahs own caste. every one was after his life to leave his guru.

thats why he explains through this song, who ever calls him sayed( bulle shahs caste) will be punished in hell and who ever calls him raaniya will be showerd with blessings. because for him his mursheed is everything and his caste is now his gurus and in whatever guru orders and decides for him - shakar or raziaan

apne mursheed ki raza mein razi rehna, thats what love is. jo woh khuda deta hai usi mein khush rehna.

this songs itself answers questions of people above saying how can a muslim girl marry a non muslim.

if love is pure truthfull and selfless then its becomes form of god. jab woh khuda, allah kisi caste system ko nai manta , uske liye to sab uske bacche hai to bhai tum kyon mante ho ?

khuda ka saccha aashiq sirf khuda ko manta hai aur kisi ko nai, na kisi caste system ko, na kisi majhab ko.

khuda se saccha ishq karo, ishq hi khuda hai.

*End of explanation*

I loved the film 'Khuda Kay Liye' -- and this song is my current favorite!


Kamran said...

liked the post. And yeah! it's a good song!

Deepshikha said...

@Kamran: Thanks.. I like your name :), what does it mean?

Kamran said...

Kamran means 'Successful' =) what does yours mean?

Deepshikha said...

Oh.. thats lovely. Mine means, 'light' -- deep = diya (earthen lamp) and shikha = jyot (flame), so actually it means, the flame of a lamp, or in short, just light !! :) .. Complicated naa!! I hate the fact that my name is soo long, often while filling forms, I need to make extra boxes to fit my name in :) :)

Kamran said...

haha yeah, i was thinking about your name while commenting last night.. and i kinda had that in mind that it means 'light' coz of the 'deep' =) seems like i made the right guess! aur howz India.. I'm loving IPL (Cricket) these days hehe

Deepshikha said...

India ki to kya kahu, like every other country, we are also dealing with our share of troubles. But overall, if we choose to be ignorant, then I can say, we are okay. I have heard that Lahore is a beautiful place. Its been quite a long wish to go visit it -- Inshalla, I will fulfill my dream some day. You are heartily invited to India. We will do good 'mehmaan-nawazi' for you. :)

mozziegirl said...
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adoniskakkoo..;-).. said...

..hi ther..gr8 blog..
..i had been lovin dis song without even really knownin its meaning..!!..dedicatd 2 my gf nd finally she thn sent me ur url..crazy stuff..
..nywayz amazn 2..thnx a lot..

Anonymous said...

hi deepshikha. i am harjasdeep. from bathinda. heard of that city before? i liked your blog. and i agree with u that there shud be no caste system in this world. people like u can make this world a better place to live in...

readalot said...

Thanks for helping me understand this song, Deepshikha...

Rishidevdas said...

One of my best dope songs !!!!

The line are enriched with deeper meaning beyond the barriers and reach of cast creed or religion !!!!

Its all about love and be loved in return, the true blasphemy of HIS eternal blessings, only for pure Hearts and true Love.

Nice blog.