Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today I spoke to an old friend, a friend from college and it was as usual wonderful speaking to her and getting connected.
There are some people who give positive vibes and she is one of them.

But this is not what I want to talk about in this post. Its about something else – its about staying independent – staying alone.
She said she had a good news to share with me – and the good news was really a very delightful one. She moved out of her parents house and has started staying by herself in a 1BHK house close to her workplace. I remember she wanted to do it for a long time and now she finally managed to convince her parents into accepting this and she was telling me that her parents took it wonderfully and really helped her out with setting up her new house. Now isn’t that lovely!

I think everyone should stay alone – by themselves – at least for sometime. It gives a different dimension to their personality. I agree that there are negatives of solitary existence, but I think there are far more goods than bads.

I was discussing this with another friend of mine, and he was telling me that when it comes to places like Delhi / Noida / Gurgaon, perhaps it is not all that easy for a single girl to take up a place of her own and be assured of her safety. And reading about all the dreadful things that are happening these days, I kind of agree with him. Apart from this, I also wonder if there is a concept of 1BHK apartments in Noida and how ready are land lords to rent it out to single people? It is sad to see how difficult it is for a person to live a life of his/her own choice.


ajay noronha said...

bingo! it is something i've been recommending v strongly to guys n girls old enough to move out but not ready to get married!...it is so important, to have that time n space on one's own...n when are we meeting madam?

Deepshikha said...

Soon sirr.. aap to goa jaa rahe ho.. You tell me when are you free??

Aman said...

Its Anu.. right ?