Monday, March 10, 2008

Wet Wet Wet

Today I reached office drenched to my skin with rain water..

Had to wait 50 mins at the bus stop for the bus which finally never came.. And then took another one which halts 15 mins away from my office..

From there I came walking ..

It was raining too hard but the wind was so wicked that it soaked me wet and kept me dripping.. As I write this post, I am shivering with cold, my jeans all wet and fingers all numb.

Sitting bare feet because my socks are wet, just managed to dry my hair in the hand drier installed in the bathroom.. actually I tried drying my Jeans and shoes as well.. Yeah my favourite new maroon shoes and not that new anymore :(

Anyway, wrote a huge crib post..

All because I took the suggestion of a buddy and dropped my idea of taking a cab to office.

I was out of my house at 9 am .. And I have reached office at 11am when it just takes 20 mins otherwise..

A wet start to the week.

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