Monday, March 17, 2008

How do you feel..

.. when you gain weight without eating good food?? :( .. Okay, It is the golden brown water that I keep drinking.. Not my fault really, In this country, beer comes cheaper than water, plus it is a great thirst quencher ;)..

But now there is a mission: I will post another picture around mid May after I dedicate a month to regular workouts and a 'watch what I eat/DRINK' routine and then we can have a 'Before' and 'After' picture for all your laughs ;)


Nandita said...

Dont worry too much sweetie...the moment you are back in India,I am sure you will take good care of yourself :)

Want to talk to you but not getting time :( :(

Anonymous said... what you say about your profile - sometimes too much, sometimes too little..don't worry about your weight. It looks perfect. Caught you from Kapur's blog. Nice to know your thoughts about India-consider adding your blog to blogadda. I found lot of great blogs therein.

Deepshikha said...

@Lovelyhumors: Thanks for visiting my Blog. And your advice is rogered :) .. Have submitted my blog to blogadda :)
Ps. liked the circuit jokes on ur blog :) :)
@Nandita: Yeah, when I saw you yesterday on the second deck of the bus, I thought of going up and talking to you, but then I thought you must be enjoying with your bro, so didnt care to disturb.. Talk to me anytime.. :)

Anonymous said...

Where is that extra weight disappeared ? I guess you belong to those "LUCKY ONE" types :D

Deepshikha said...

@Sunshine: I really dont want to sound like a stereotypical girl (you know the kind who have modellish looks with a flat tummy and toned thighs and still moaning 'Omygaud! I have gained so much of weight yaaa!'). Well, actually I am kind of short (5 2' i think) and my face is soo round that you can fit a cereal bowl on it with ease!! Soh, even a fairly small paunch makes me look like a football.. :( .. But, mid may it will be and I will be a happy girl again :) . hehehe.. too many plans naa,, but then, who say we had to pay for dreaming ;)

ajay noronha said...

there go all our plans of cooking up all those yummy dishes ;)

Deepshikha said...

@Ajay:Aye ki gal haiga? We will cook yummy stuff and eat them too.. Just that I will be gymming as well ;)