Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Its normal!

I am getting sooo bored lately that I went into "Chutti kab hogi" mode. Checked the time, fuck 10 more minutes to go and that munna bhai song started playing in my head 'Pal pal pal pal ... kaise katega har pal..' .. I minimized all active windows on my desktop and sat staring blankly at my workstation and just then i noticed - I have the same wall paper on my PC every single day of the month (which is set by the Administration dept of our office - which I cant change) and I am doing the same kind of work everyday. Hardly have any interesting people around. Think about it. Anyone would be bored with this. This discovery doesnt really make things interesting however, its interesting to know that I am totally normal :|. Sigh.. Stagnation!!

1 comment:

Neeru said...

mann to karta hai permanently chhuti le lo in sab chhezon se chhutkara, lekin woh bhi nahi ho sakta. we'll get bored with that type of living also :(