Friday, September 21, 2007

I forget, Do you?

I have noticed it many times, I forget. Not everything, but reasons - reasons which cause deep sorrow, anger or pleasure. Surprisingly, I dont forget faces, but I forget names; I dont forget the gist of what I see / read but I forget the intricacies, I dont forget the hurt but I forget the incident. I find myself often looking like a completely unreasonable fool because I blank out exactly when I need to speak.


Nandita said...

Hey Dearie,

I can relate to what you're trying to say but believe me, it’s very good that you don’t remember the reasons. I was/am the same kind of person who always remembers everything: the cause, the pain, everything and to be very honest, it has never helped me. Infact, it has created lot of difficulties in my life. Then I learned one thing, either finish it off at that point and let out everything whatever is there in your heart/mind. Never suppress yourself at that time...Because if you don’t let it out, then sooner or later the things will come out and it can damage your relationship in such a way that you cant amend it again...So either completely forget it or completely spit it out at that time itself...So considering all these facts, you’re quite lucky that you don’t remember the incidences. It’s a great sign that you always live in present and never carries a baggage of s**t from the past.
Chin up Sweety :-)

Samvad Vahini said...

Yess!!! Exactly. I found somebody who has the same problem as of mine!!! :)
I remember my best friend who is with me since 10 years now always comes up with the past incidences and as usual I go blank... I can't recall all the things happened - but yes, I get the same sense of emotional I might have had suffered or lived that time. I even don't remember the name and details... And she always curses me for forgetting the things!!! :)