Monday, April 9, 2007

Do I need a title everytime I blog :(

Heard its snowing in New York. I love the snow. Dec 2005 I saw snow in the hills of Himalayas, but never witnessed a snow fall. Would like to stay in a cold place for some time. :) ..

I used to always wonder why people in India are so excited about US and living/visiting abroad. I never was and still am not. Because of papa, we have had many opportunities to go vacationing abroad, but I was never interested, and so I never used to go. The money / lifestyle / picturesque but very plastic beauty – all that never excited me. My carefree nature may be a subtle but strong, consequence of the economic security I have because of my family. But I have great respect for people who have struggled in their lives. I have struggled too – not on economic grounds but on life – and slowly I have grown to be a iconoclast, a person who stands up against wrong doing completely fearlessly – my parents call me a dare devil :) .. Of course for they are worried about me. I don’t like to live a regular illogical life. I don’t like to do things just because everyone does things that way – and I definitely don’t like doing things because otherwise ‘someone’ in the family/society will talk non-sense about you.

I live my life in my terms as much as possible. I want to experiment. See life, feel alive. I spend a lot of time with the less fortunate – I look at the miseries they go thru and feel bad being what I am – suddenly all the comforts I have look meager and small and unworthy. I feel content if I can make a person smile. And if the person really needs the smile, I am happier. I believe everyone needs a smile at all times. A couple of days back I went to an old age home, I loved it. I loved each and every angel there. Beauty at its best. They were miserable (that’s why they are there), but they still took time to smile and talk to people like us with open hearts. Apart from that I love reading good books, I love to write, I love to appreciate beauty, and I love to contemplate and interact with learned people.

Those are a couple of things which I like. But alas, that can not fend for my bread :) -- so I am doing what every regular person does – work.

About me finding what I came to look for in Mumbai, Well, I have not, seemed to have landed up with more questions. :P

Now I want to go to the US and see what people are running after. I want to experience that now. Maybe I come up with some answers, or land up with more questions, :). But that’s also life, and life is unpredictable :) .. It knows no logic, that’s why it is life.

Someone recently asked me if i found what I came looking for in Mumbai, and this is what I had to say.


Anonymous said...

May be ... this journey of finding the meaning of ur life .. in a way u think .. makes ur path of life.

Deepshikha said...

Hi Anonymous

I am not able to comprehend your comment :(, could you elaborate the context on which you have written this.