Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is'nt it Ironic

The darkest hour of the night is just before the dawn breaks, but then sometimes the sun just forgets to rise.

Just when you think you are safe, you get hurt in places where you least expect to.

Is funny but its true that we hardly know the road on which we travel everyday.

It’s ironic that when you acquire that one thing that you craved for since a long time, you don’t need it anymore.

It happens so often that you never find what you are looking for in the most probable places.

Though unfortunate, but the person you madly love doesn’t love you back.

You just almost always fall short by just an inch.

In spite of knowing that the most precious of relations can not be defined, we spoil the beauty of it by trying to name it.

Is it not incorrect to expect life to be simple when we ourselves can’t help but let our heads behave the way it does – completely absurdly complex..

“A No Smoking sign, on your cigarette break.” : )

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