Monday, October 3, 2016

I have become the girl with a massive massive massive..

.. backlog.

Yeah, have been hibernating since so long, but i do get these feeling every now and again about things. Things I would like to share.

I am a contradiction of sorts. want to say so much, but then I also don't want to. But this post is not about me. Its a start of list of so many things I wanted to write about.

This is the first from that lot. No reason for me to choose this topic over the rest, but lets just say it is a distraction.

A few week ago I was watching late night TV, well not too late night as my TV is not in my bedroom and I generally head 'bed'wards around 11ish .. So, it was a program called 'Naked Attraction' on Channel 4. As the name suggests, it was quite simply naked attraction .. So there is this person stood with the presenter trying to choose a date for herself / himself; and there are 6 people who are trying to win themselves the date. The bit that is different in this set up though is that they begin with their lower bodies exposed and with every round (there are 3 rounds), they keep exposing a bit more -- so 2nd round they expose their upper bodies and in the 3rd round they show their faces as well.. And then in the final round the person who has been watching them naked all along also bares it all and choose the person s/he wants to finally go on a date with.

Saw 2 episodes of this program, and though i cringed, but i kept watching just to see what happens next -- do these pair find the soulmate that they came looking for.. So i watched..

What do you think happened? I am not sure if it takes a TV program to figure out that while physical attraction is an important factor in keeping relationships going, but its possibly not the biggest factor. Plus having a good body possibly works when you are pissed drunk and can't really hear what the person is saying. A good body also does not guarantee good sex.. I guess the 'sapiosexuals' of this world might die watching this!

So yes, I think all of them agreed it was a confidence boosting experience, which I believe it possibly was -- its not easy getting naked in a nudist beach with few naked people around, lets not even begin to assess how nerve raking it must be to get naked on TV where you are being recorded and you can be seen by anyone for years to come with just a click on the computer. So, if you want to test your body confidence and don't mind being seen (I have no problems at all -- to each their own I think), then maybe its a good experience.. However I would still think you don't need a show to prove , yet again, that beauty is more than skin deep my friend.

Sometimes I feel TV channels need to be a bit more creative with their material. Well thats my opinion.. Do we really need these shows?

Oh, I learnt something useful from this show though, it seems there have been scientific studies to show that people with more than a 100 moles on their body age 6-7 years slower than other people. Essentially one can be 30 and look 24. Now that is a great positive.. Especially when one is 40!

With that thought, ta!

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Suraj Singh said...

Woow.. This is the first impression I get while reading your posts.
Truly speaking this is my second public appearance in the wide web world, where I can't resist myself. First appearance, is still awaiting for your approval.

Keep up the good work!!

Suraj Singh