Sunday, May 22, 2016

Un Certain Regard..

.. don't quite understand why this category is called what it is.

In 2013 Cannes, the Jury prize winner in this category was a Palestinian film called 'Omar'. It received rave reviews, and I had read one such review which made me desperate to watch the film.. Desperate till I forgot about it.

Was going through some old emails and found an email from January of 2014 with the subject line 'We have to find this'.. And today I finally found it. On Netflix.

It was a gripping film -- its unusual for me to watch a film at one go -- don't get me wrong, I love films and my breaks are not a representation of the film itself-- but sometimes lying diagnoally in the comfort of your bed, sleep takes over. Not with this film .. I am not particularly well, but this film made me sit up fixated and thinking..

Thinking about the complexities and the conflicts in the world -- as I type this, there is possibly an Omar in a jail cell talking to an ant. His bruised hands after he climbed over a very high wall is floating in front of my eyes.. Nadias nod of approval to be married, Amjads betrayal or Agent Ramis manipulation not sure what is more disturbing...

Stellar performance by Adam Bakri. I hear he is being cast by Asif Kapadia, and why am I not surprised.

Very beautifully the director of the film repoints that people have both, the good and the bad within them. And at times the line between the two is very blurred.

This is just not any film.. Watch if you can. Its on Netflix.

The article about the film can be found here.

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