Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jannat Abused.. (JK-A)

Everyday when I open the newspaper, I am saddened.
When I spot reports about the valley, I fearfully try and quickly read if the attacked places are the places where my friends live, is it about anyone I know, or is it about someone who’s their relative.
If I being a non-kashmiri feel this terror, I can well imagine whats going on within the state.
Historically, the basis of J&K to be a part of India was fraudulent. The fact that it continues this way inspite of India calling itself a ‘Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic’ assuring its citizens of justice, equality and liberty, is nothing but shameful.
After years of neglect, oppression, false promises, injustice and betrayal, Kashmir has once again re-ignited the anger in their hearts and are out on the streets to protest against the step-motherly treatment and to fight for their rights.
Sadly, they again seem to forget what they face is a ruthless enemy which has absolute power and the best of ammunitions, as against them who are just some random disorganized groups of disillusioned, troubled and unarmed people (primarily youngsters).
Why would a healthy 17 yr boy would take to the streets and pelt stones if there is no reason for him to do so? If you think the government of India is not responsible for this trouble, you are basically saying the people of the valley are mad. Life in the valley is not normal. Visit it to see and read well to know.
I think what Kashmir needs now is an educated and rational leader who connects with the people of Kashmir and lead this fight for rights and justice. No great fights were won without a great leader. What Nelson Mandela did for Africa, what Gandhi did for India (barring a few reasons why I not totally appreciate everything about him), what Hon-Chi-Minh did for Vietnam and like many other leaders, Kashmir is today in need of the torch bearer who would show the right and well thought way.
If this does not happen soon and the civilians continue their non-focused, unplanned and poor protests, sooner or later either they will be suppressed, or cause even further destruction and damage and death.
As I write this, I recall what the Late Mr. Vijay Tendulkar had once said, ‘Ever time atrocities happen, riots happen, the powerful leftist unions are non-existent. Once the riots stop, they come out in the streets with peace marches’. Sad but true. I wonder what I can do, perhaps I can just write something which hardly anyone will read. But there are so many people in powerful positions, why are they not getting together and raising their voice. Atleast someone will flinch after knowing the reality and who knows, maybe a leader will be born!

As I end, I would like to quote a bit from Sahir Ludhianvi’s ‘Khoon phir khoon hai’:
"zulm phir zulm hai, barhta hai to mit jaataa hai
Khoon phir Khoon hai, Tapkega to jam jaayega
zulm ki baat hi kya, zulm ki auqaat hi kya
zulm bas zulm hai, aaghaaz se anjaam talak
Khoon phir Khoon hai, so shakl badal sakta hai
aisi shakleiN ke mitaaoo to mitaaye na bane
aise shole k bujhaao to bujhaaye na bane
aise naare k dabaao to dabaaye na bane"

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Irfan said...

I am so impressed with you, I can say you are one of the best human beings on earth and after reading ur blog I have only one thing to say that I love you so much. I wish every Indan can have the same brian fittings what God has gifted you . Hats off Deeps. God bless you ....