Monday, May 10, 2010

RangDo - Project 2, Uttaranchal Beckons!

With the overwhelming success of our previous event at Delhi, we now head further north to a picturesque village somewhere in the beautiful valleys of Uttaranchal.

This time we are painting a 'Balwadi' (a Pre-school) run by an NGO called Chirag.

Like last time, we again invite you to come with family and friends to this place called Simail Gaon, near Spila in Nainital District and participate in painting their little place with the colors of love, laughter, care, compassion and ofcourse bright paints!

The participants are expected to contribute Rs. 1000 for the cause to help us meet the expenses that we would incur to execute the event. Given the nature of our jobs, I am sure the contribution will not be a deterrent for most of us. After all we all know we need the money to make the change. :-)

Participants from Delhi can take the Ranikhet Express which leaves at night and reaches Kathgodam (the closest station) in the wee hours of morning. This place is another 3 hrs taxi ride from the station. We could arrange a car for pick up and we could put you up with a host family in the village.

Pure 'swadesi' experience is assured. You can spend the Saturday painting with the team (we already have 7 enthusiastic canadian participants) and spending time with the kids, and on Sunday we all could chill out.

It will surely be a weekend well spent! Think about it, if you are interested, pl leave a comment with your email id, and I will get back

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