Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Convicted, 26/11

Its judgement day for the lone surviving attacker of 26/11.
I was listening to a few video clips which highlighted the divided views of the lawyers on the kind of punishment that they felt appropriate for Ajmal Kasab.

Half of the people interviewed thought capital punishment was the only punishment which could be given in order to get even with the crimes he committed, and another section of people thought that life imprisonment was more suitable, since men on such missions are generally in acceptance of death.

While these men in black robes confidently declared the best punishment for this man, there was a screen rolling behind them which repeatedly kept showing the pictures of Kasab, one in which he had an AK47 in hand, another where he was lying in a hospital bed, then there was one where he sat handcuffed in a police station, and another one at the court, and a last black and white close up of his face. Those pictures almost silenced the video, and I thought if such punishments are only way to deal with people who are victims themselves.

Ajmal Amir Kasab was a son of a poor man from Faridkot. He was a petty thief in the streets of Lahore, when one day he decided to take arms training so that his job of stealing became easier. Little did he know that the people who were prepared to give him free arms training would slowly poison his mind in such a manner that he will become ready to kill others for a meagre sum of money (which would be given to his family later) and a confirmed place in 'jannat' after he achieved martyrdom. The indoctrination was such that this young man of 22 years set out on this dangerous mission without much thought and knowledge. Of course, we cant excuse him for his stupidity -- more because his stupidity has caused misery to hundreds of families and also to the entire country, but are punishments like death or life in prison fair for people who are puppets in the hands of fatalist fanatics? The question is, is it fair to kill the messenger?

I think India should use the information Kasab can provide and try to nail the big pins. India should allow him another chance and by giving him an environment where he is able to realize the agony he caused to so many people and then send him back to his hometown to tell his story and maybe save more innocent young men like him from becoming soft targets of the real terrorists. This way may be we could get a little closer to the real culprits and also save another boy from becoming another Ajmal Kasab.

Many will argue that had I been a victim, I would have thought differently. I cant say for sure, but for now, as Gandhi said, 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'.


prasadk said...

Sorry but I did not agree with your views.

If we send back Kasab showing all humanity we all have and expect him to be completely changed man & saving other young boys blah blah.. that wud be most foolish act ..!

1. He killed Innocents. He should get killed.

2. If we send, do you think he will be able to roam around freely in pak ? he will be get killed or again will be used for another attack cause he is much experienced now abt India. So, he will be better weapon against India.

I never expected post like this from intellectual person like you..

Deepshikha said...

PrasadK: Thank you for taking the time to visit and write although, I beg to differ.

I agree he killed many innocent people, but had that been done out of his personal greed or lust, I would have tried to agree with you. However, this case is different.

Its not difficult to believe what a promise of a lakh of rupees can do to a young boy who has been brought up in abject poverty.

Its not difficult to believe why a tender mind cannot be tricked into believing that the entire world is conspiring against him and his people (actually to a certain extent it is also true).

Its not difficult to make people with low self esteems to do all kinds of things. Just by making them feel important, desired and wanted, one can make those people do things they would normally not.

Kasab had a difficult childhood. He grew up in poverty. He grew up to be uneducated (although i think education does more harm than good). He grew up in a politically unstable land. In short, he lived in a very vulnerable environment without any defenses.

Kasab confessed he did all this because of the money and because he wanted to be a 'bada aadmi' (great man). He was made to believe by his handlers that this was the only way to be one and all his commanders had done it too. He did it based on some skewed understanding of Islam and 'Jannat'. He did he for something he cant really explain to himself because he doesnt clearly know.

It just tells us he is a kid and he could not have really master minded the entire elaborate attack.

I differ because 26/11 was not his brain child, he did not plan the attack. He was just a medium.

I differ because he was a young vulnerable boy who has had a impoverished and unhealthy life who was simply trapped and tamed to be used.

I differ because I think its wrong to shoot the messenger.

I differ because I think more violence is never the answer to violence.

I differ because I fear that the punsihment might be the reason for more people (say Kasabs friends) to swell with vengeance and strike again.

I differ because I dont think its impossible for peole to regret and change.

I am not saying that we should sit on this horrific act of violence. No we must not. Its not fair to all those people who died, its not fair to their families and friends and its not fair to the nation. We must get back real tough. We should prove that we cant be soft targets. If that means we will have to kill then so be it. But then kill the real people. Strangle the source and not people like Kasab who are victims themselves.

I agree partially with your 2nd point tho. May be you are right that Kasab may be seen as a threat to the handlers now and if released, might be killed by them. But this hardly any reason for India to pronounce death.

Anyway, now that the sentence has been declared, I am upset.

I sincerely sympathize with the families of the victims of the attack and I really wish they get the strength and courage to cope with the near ir-repairable loss.

And silently, I wish the same for Kasabs family too.

prasadk said...

Well .. thanks for putting your views explicitely..I don't want to argue but I feel you are being emotional. The guy who was poor and innocent and "those" cruel people made him so..so he should be set free. Tell me, was he 10 yr old kid when he killed so many people? He did not have his own brain? Now you will say, but "those people" made him to be so.. Ok.. so according to your logic, every thief should be released.. All pickpocketers should be released from jail.. Only situation made them sooo.. All rapist should be released .... only "urge" of that situation made them to do the crime .. Maybe they were poor with no money to go to prostitute or marry a girl..so what can they do if they find b'fl girl in front of them?..after all they are also men.. RUBBISH. So, why should the person be blamed if he tries to get closer to lady in the bus/train if she is wearing scanty clothes??.. THE REASON WE BLAME HIM IS HE DID NOT USE HIS OWN BRAIN.. NO MATTER WHAT SOME ACTS SHOULD NEVER BE DONE.. NO MATTER WHAT... NO MATTER WHAT....

Also, you are considering just one side. Have you ever thought what message will go if we do not punnish him ? Anyone can come to India, kill hundreds of people and set free. So why fear???..

You said violence can never be answer to violence. But, hellooooo....we have not done any violence yet....you cold say that only if India wud have attacked pakistan as a revenge of 26th nov.. Killing culprit is violence then god save you !

Just think-- .. tmrw you will get married.. you will have kids..suppose you keep servant at your home ..he abducts your children and kill them later ( I am sorry to say) but K**** him . The servant then gets caught. What will you tell to police? Leave him ..i will try to change his mind??..

Only the people whose relatives died in this attack can understand the pain.

prasadk said...

You may not dare to post my reply to your post... !

Deepshikha said...

@PrasadK - Patience buddy. I have many more things to do in life than just looking at comments. So you should have patience to give people time.
Of course your views will find a place. :-)

Now coming to what you wrote, Prasad, I think you have not read the 2nd para of my 1st reply to you.

I clearly said that crimes done out of personal greed, lust, jealousy or character are different and should be dealt with the way the constitution does.

However, these kind of crimes are different. And I have already said why. In fact there is a lot more which can be said but for that the audience should be open.

So, understand if you can, or continue believing what the masses think.

BTW for your knowledge, capital punishment has been abolished in almost 2/3rd of the civilized world.. only parts of latin america, some parts of asia and some parts of far east still practice this most gross and futile punishment. In fact even fewer nations execute the capital punishment by hanging the convict (considered the grossest way), and India is one amongst those fewer nations.

Also, I never said he should be set free. I said he should be rehabilitated and used to reach to the real culprits and help prevent more boys from becoming mediums of terror.

prasadk said...

"crimes done out of personal greed, lust, jealousy or character are different " .....

Ok.. So , as I said what about the thief who is doing theft just because he is poor and he needs to support his family. Since he is not getting job even after searching a lot, soo he is doing this job. So, in this case he should be punished?? He should be set free ..right??.. He is not doing because of lust ..or to earn more money or cause of greed. He is FORCED to do. What's his fault..he is not getting job.. he will die otherwise.

But, if we keep setting free criminals like this , only god may save us because then we have to set free soo many criminals from jail.

As I said in my previous post, it's proved that KASAB was not below 18 when he killed people. So, EVEN THOUGH people tried to dilute his mind. He could have run from the training camp (like some of his friends ran away.)

If your kids get killed while returning from school in such terrorist attack some day, will you say the same thing?.. I don't need reply. Just ask this question to urself.

Deepshikha said...

Prasad, I have answered each of your question already - either in the post itself or in the comments. But you dont seem to get it. So be it!

I would just say, this world needs a little forgiveness. Vengeance has been tried, for once, how about giving peace a chance? You think about it, and I dont need no answer, maybe your future generation would need one!

Ps. I dont think Kasabs death can bring any of the victims back. So, in the bigger picture, it doesnt really matter. What matters is if they are assured a future where they dont land up losing another close one in a similar attck -- which is what I think can be achieved by spreading the message of love and forgiveness combined with intelligent governance.
If you could rule with might, 9/11 and the recent attempt at Times Square would not have happened. There sure is another way!

prasadk said...

India is living since last more than 50 years with the same hope -- HUMANITY can change the mids of TERRORIST. But every attack, every blast in our country proved it wrong. Every time people get killed. Still we hope.. again another attack. Still hope.. Then new blast somewhere in the country.

Still you and like minded keep on saying -- SHOW HUMANITY TO KASAB. HE IS INNOCENT.

People reading this are smart enough. Let's close this debate . I hope you must have asked the question I wrote in my previous post to yourself.

Deepshikha said...

Get your facts right Prasad. I am sure you know nothing of the atrocities of JK, Batla House Encounters, Godhra Kand, Afzal Guru etc etc...

I dont think you are in a position to debate. Educate yourself. And as far as asking myself the question-- Pl read the post itself. I have answered it there.

Over and Out.

prasadk said...

Lol.. How does atrocities of Batla house and Godhra Kand matters??

Miss Deepshikha are you aware that you are indirectly justifying KASAB's act ?? You are justifying?..

If I would have known your mental level I would have never posted reply to this post. GOD SAVE ME !

( DOn't post this reply.it's just for you)

Deepshikha said...

Prasadk : Why shant I post your reply? Are you ashamed that you are unable to join the dots?

Grow up Buddy!