Friday, February 12, 2010

You cant have what I have!

More often than not, when I read any news item, there has to a mention of the United States. I am amazed with the ability of this nation to some how make itself a part of virtually everything - play the devil and then pose as the greatest well wisher.

Recently the news Iran developing Uranium Enrichment Plants is making the powerful and pseudo-threatened countries frown.

According to Iran, the big powers had promised to provide it with fuel rods made from low-enriched Uranium for a medical reactor. But since this UN - brokered plan collapsed, Iran decided to go ahead and develop technology to enrich the Uranium to upto 20% from its existing capability of enriching it upto 3.5% thereby sufficing its own needs.

Now, why is the west so afraid of letting a nation do what it wants to with its own resources and without causing harm to others? Say for a moment we even believe that Iran is steadily moving toward making nuclear arms (given the fact that Uranium needs to be enriched to almost 90% to make bombs), even then countries like US, France and Israel should not get angry, simply because they are themselves armed with hi-tech nuclear and biological warfare. It almost reduces to being fear of losing the position of power which a deadly weapon brings.

If these nations are seriously concerned and are against nuclear armmaments, then why dont all of them destroy their weapons or they all come together at a central place and deposit their weapons into safe custody. As funny as it may sound, if they cant do this, they should not expect that the rest of the world does not have the right to build up their own defenses.

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