Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Did you just say that you are waiting for the weekend to arrive soon, so that you get to meet your special person who gives you hope and strength to walk thru these twisted roads of life? Take my advise, dont wait. I learned it the hard way, and like its often said that advice is like kissing, always pleasant to give, so please let me indulge. :-)

However, I am quite certain that none of you will listen to me. Each one of you will learn the hard way - thats life. No one can save anyone from going thru another little hell .. we all learn the lessons of life the way they are supposed to be learnt -- by experience.

Oh by the way, I am not saying that you should not wait because you should do it right here right now and all that jazz.. I am saying this because you are responsible for your own happiness. If you thought its someone elses duty to make you happy, you are grossly mistaken. Trust me. I learnt it. And earlier I used to be defensive about it because I used to think loving someone also meant what you want to do certain things for that someone which on a regular day you might not do. :-) .. I remember reading somewhere 'with great love comes great responsibilities' .. but i think the meaning of 'great' and 'responsibility' here are ambiguous... I think there is certain intellectualism in ambiguity. :-) .. If you cant understand something, its intellectual - its beyond you!

YOU are reponsible for your own happiness and there is nothing in this world you cant live without. Not even 'Hope'. I used to be a very strong believer that till the time a person has 'hopes' (read dreams) a person is not poor (read dead). I realized that all these are just mere concepts. You can live without everything -- provided you dont desert yourself.

You should love people from whom you expect nothing, you should not waste your energies loving people whom you need.
Love the less fortunate, the happiness you will get cant be explained in words -- all I shall say is that it will be much better than the happiness that you expect to get on the weekend for which you were waiting.

The opposite of Love is not Hate. It is indifference.

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Divya said...

Long time ?! good to see u back writing...

I agree with everything but the last para... I did not get what you meant by 'you should not waste your energies loving people whom you need' and waiting has its own charm u know ;)