Friday, February 8, 2008

The heating system is not working..

Judging is what people do best. Sometimes I wonder is giving up on your wishes is more cruel than expressing your desires? Why is it that something that looks dark to someone can wash out all the silver of the past? Why is that one always need to stand tests -- I guess two rights may never make a right, but one wrong can very easily make the entire show wrong. Funny, I tell you. One day you might see me in WWF, not world wildlife foundation, but world wrestling federation.. After all I am just getting stronger :) :) .. I hate using laptop mouses!! They are so god damn tacky -- so unlike me .. Listening to Don McLean's Vincent (Starry starry night) and American Pie.. Nice old stuff.. Nostalgic -- these songs are of the days when I could not speak a decent line of English, I remember how my sis used to bully me abt it .. Aaah.. makes me smile .. These small pleasures I tell you.. keeps me ticking .. :) .. Will sleep happy now :) Cherio.


ajay noronha said...

wanted on urgent basis (here too): heating system! ;)

Deepshikha said...

@Ajay:: Heard that Mumbai is getting really cold.. But I guess it must be fun .. Isnt it? A lill taste of saddi dilli in amchi mumbai ;)