Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ipswich has too many Indians. The bus no. 66, the one I take to office everyday is flocked with so many Indians that I almost forget that I am in a different country.

Yesterday, I was on my way back from the town center (the only hang out place here), and I thought of counting.

I did, and there were 14 Indians and 5 Europeans in the bus at that point ie. approximately a ratio of 1:3. This was about the state in the Bus. But so is the state in the shops, the common hang out places etc etc...

Now, replicate this situation for India. Say, Mumbai. Imagine you get into the crowded local train and just as you enter, all you see around yourself, are foreigners -- so many of them -- all around you. They are there, no matter where you went -- in the shops, the pubs, the gym .... Talking in a language you don't understand, looking distinctly different --

How would you feel? Disgusted, lost? Or, will you feel at one? Will you feel proud of yourself if you were ready to share your space with them. How do they feel, like intruders or they are as confident as you are?

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