Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny things happen..

I met this really hot guy at the new years party in Leela Kempinsky hotel in Mumbai and since he reminded me of a very close person, i went ahead and told him that after which we danced and talked for quite sometime..
In fact later in the night, or shall I say early morning, he helped me and 2 other friends of mine to look for another friend who got lost in the party because he got so drunk.. Anyway, this guy gave me his number while I was leaving.
Today as usual I was getting bored at office and was browsing thru my phone book when I saw his name and thought of calling him up. And as we conversed, I got to know he is a actor in Marathi films, later we thought of meeting up sometime..
Now the fun part is during my next chit chat session with my marathi colleagues, I happened to ask them if they knew anyone by his name, and I was surprised to see their expressions, all the women were drooling just by the mention of him..
They clearly envied me :) :)
I guess I was free with him because I did not know who he was.
Now when I know, it feels a little funny.
And i think how must have he felt that this one woman walks up to him and says 'Hey you are really hot and you resemble a very special person of my life..' .. Identity crisis was it for him or did he enjoy the namelessness?? I shall ask the next time I speak to him ;)

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Nandita said...

Great Going Deeps ;-)
Do let me about your meeting also :D :D