Friday, January 25, 2008


Today I had too much of work.. Actually had got into the slow pace of life so much that all of a sudden so much of work has given me a headache :( ..

Will be going to London to meet my childhood friend maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning, haven't decided!!

Perhaps then I will have some pictures to share..

Phew!! I hope something exciting happens over the weekend.. Atleast since my friend sounded really excited, I think I can afford to keep some hope.

He has made some great plans of a Badminton session, then lunch with other friends, chit chatting and some uptown pub hopping .. he was also saying that he would take me to an indian night place.. Lets see.. I will be meeting him after 7 years.. We are friends since class 6th I think.. Hmm... 14 yrs.. Should be fun catching up

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