Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Saturday well spent..

Me and a couple of friends went to this school where we often visit to spend time with the lovely children there.

So to say they are differntly abled kids but you need to be with them to feel how beautiful each one of them is. For certain they are really special.

This time we had a small christmas party there - games, singing, dancing, eating and loving ..

A few pictures..

Mayank tying a shiny ball on the christmas tree.

Singing christmas carols :)

The youngest princess there :)

Then the antakshari session, trust me they are sooo good at it

We lost and the losing team had to dance

A group picture

B-bye time


Neeru said...

Good to see u enjoying there. here is the place where one can leave all their worries and enjoy with them. Keep it up moti... love u moti lot....

ajay noronha said...

hey! wanna meet up? seen taarey yet?

Deepshikha said...

@Ajay: I sure want to meet up, but looks like this weekend will be difficult.. Puhleez take sometime out for me next week :).. I shall take you out for good food instead :)