Monday, December 17, 2007

Free will?

Was reading up a few things on freedom and then I wondered how free we really are? Come to think of it, we can’t choose to be foolish, we can’t choose our sexual preferences, we cant choose a profession of our choice are a few amongst the many other 'we cant's'.

How can the state tell an individual to change his/her profession because it is not dignified enough? Like in Mumbai Dance bars were made to shut down, because the state supposedly wanted to protect the dignity of women, but then what about the women who were in it because that was there source of income, their job and they did that out of will.

Why penalize someone for not wearing a seat belt or helmet? I don't advocate the vice but then a person does have the right to be stupid when the consequences are nothing more than self inflicting.

It makes sense to have laws to ensure that there is peace and order in a free society -- but these must essentially be restrained to victim oriented behavior, like murder or rape for instance. But not on things like homosexuality, or suicides or prostitution.

Free will just remains another word in the dictionary.

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Deepshikha said...

To add, these days I am reading that the state is restricting women to get into the bar tending domain because it is unsafe for them..