Friday, August 24, 2007

24th August!

Giving a title everytime I post sucks bigtime!!!!! I am feeling sleepy. Woke up at 7 in the morning. Made myself some Oats and rushed to the gym. Burnt some calories and rushed back home. Caught some glimpses of the headlines in the newspaper -- Gosh, Sanjay Dutt looks so worn out -- with the half grey beard and bald head and tired eyes.. I also noticed the shackles tied around his wrist. Anyway, he sure is luckier because of his celebrity status. Anyway, after that I went in for a quick shower and rushed my way thru terrible traffic and reached office at 10.30. And still I don’t seem to get over the drowsiness. Oh! The good news is that ever since I resumed my gym (it has been 7 days of continuous mehnat) I have lost 600gms :). Ok. Don’t laugh. It does matter to me. :P Today someone told me about Aamir Khans blog, and I read it -- its nice. You can see it via the AK Blogging link on the 'Recommended' section. Tomorrow i have the Hi-Tech (special children school) visit. We have planned a clay modeling activity for them. I have feelings that it should be nice as usual. Fuck! I am still yawning away to glory. I was all sad and low in the morning. Was actually missing my people – my mum and others. My gym instructor Avinash also noticed it. He came to ask me if everything was fine. Many people have said that my face is very transparent -- it tells exactly what I am feeling inside. Just a couple of minutes back I was thinking of a Great Dain that lives in my block and that’s when I thought of my sweetheart - Archie. That cute doggie of mine :). Dogs have a strong sense of hmm.. of everything. Archie doesn’t like any sadness. He doesn’t like to see anyone crying. If you cry in front of him with your hand over your face, he will shove his face to yours and manage to move your hand off your cheeks and then snuggle up close to you. Yes! he is that lovable and caring. I am missing Archie. Sniff sniff :(

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