Friday, December 22, 2006

The practiced party season

Okay, so its close to Christmas, am wondering if we really need a reason – a reason to feel good? I personally feel nothing for any particular festival – just that it means a holiday – and perhaps an extra chance to relax/enjoy an extra day – courtesy - the religion, govt and our companies. I mean tell me honestly would you not really want each day of your life to be special and nice. I have learned that we should just not settle with what life offers us. We must try to buy what we want. There are no rules, only desires. The desires could seem insane to others – at least it happens with me :”). But I know what I want, the only problem is that I don’t know how to get there :D.. I guess all of us have the same problem :) I keep echoing a dialogue from my favorite animation flick “Fining Nemo”, will say that again “Keep swimming. Just keep swimming!!” -- P.S. I wish mumbai was just a lillte colder - doesnt feel like december at all :( .. Dont want to much of it, just a lill colder, or shall i say, alot less hotter :D .. Santa, are you listening .. BTW, is there any santa ??

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