Friday, July 31, 2015


Came across an article listing a collection of indian short films that the author found 'best' in his judgement..

Many of them were indeed nice, though some did not catch my fancy -- but hey, what do i know of cinema. Will leave the critics do their business, but one of the short films that urged me to write about was 'Chai'.

The film has english subtitles, so won't try and explain what happens in the film since it will ruin the fun of watching it .. but it was certainly a strange kind of feeling when i joined the dots and realised that chai (tea shop) was the thread that joined them together.. People and Migrants are same throughout the world.. Everyone is in search for a better life. Its a different thing if they do manage a better life for themselves or not.. But then again, isn't life about the things that you did rather than the things that you didn't do?

Not sure if it was the tea shop bit or it was the Chai itself, or was it the stories of the people behind the tea cups that warmed my heart. Whatever it was, it made me want to get up and make myself some chai. Though it wasn't our desi style chai where we boil our teas with fragrant spices for longer than the 'dip dip dip' routine.. I guess that is reserved for when I go to my mums in India and wake up groggy and 'aunty' brings me a piping hot 'adrak chai' with the days news paper, and asks me 'naashte men kya khaoge?'. 

Watch the film here: Chai

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