Sunday, June 15, 2014

Love beyond borders..

Man divides, nature unites. 

I met Hareem today. She is from Karachi, and i am from india; and we meet for the first time today in London. The person who introduced us, never really met her.. And today I did. What odds of that happening!

It was such a wonderful experience. I realise each time I meet people from our subcontinent that we have a unique and special concept of love and bond. Our definition of affection and love transcends borders, time, formula, wealth, history and gender.

We are a truly unique and strange lot. People who don't suffer from the plague of the restrictions of attiquette and manners. We seamlessly overcome the hems and boundaries of our political division, leap what's commonly considered 'appropriate' and settle into informal honest relationships. That's IndoPak for you.

It sometimes feels that the 'right' way more often than not restricts and limits people from reaching out and exposing their true desires and feelings.

It did not take me and hareem to feel like we know each other since years and love and accept each other in our lives. She gave me her own used kajal (kohl) and her stole and I gave her mine. They are all used. They carry our scent and that's what makes it special. The fact that in our first ever meeting we exchanged parts of each other. 

We had some heart to heart conversations, laughed about the weird ways of our countries, grieved about how lovely a dream of 1 nation could've been and then rejoiced about meeting and loving each other.

In midst of all this I thank my little circle of friends who helped me meet all these lovely people in the world.

We face lots of lonliness and pain and deceit in our lives; and we also have moments of love, affection, friendship and wonder. To each their own, but for me, my life's endeavour is to embrace people in my life and share smiles and warmth. It's a short life, will be over before we know it. 

Long back I read a book, it's headline was - 'who will cry when you die'. If you have even a handful, consider yourself lucky. 

Some photos from this evening.

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