Saturday, May 17, 2014

One from the archives ...

A couple of days back I watched a video where Salman Rushdie had put a very interesting question and his take on the question.

He says that he is in agreement with the popular belief restated by Arndhati Roy on numerous occasions about the cause of the rapid increase in terrorism that the world has seen in the past decade -- that terrorists are born out of injustice. However, Rushdie goed forward to ask a very mind boggling question, that if today injustice the was no longer done on minority communities such as the Muslims, and the global war on terror is stopped, would organisations like Jaish e Mohammad, or the LeT or Al-Quaida cease to exist? He goes on saying that per him, these groups are also about establishing power and superiority. Its about taking the modern world back to the medivial times.

Later in the week, I met a Kashmiri friend of mine who is aware of the ground realities of the very troubled and vulnerable valley. When I talked about what Rushdie had to say, he actually did support his views. He did also agree that the fanatic religious groups were actually also feeding their secret desire to command the world. Kashmir is a land where Sufi Islam is practiced and believed in, so the very characteristic of Kashmiri Muslims is that of peace and love and music. In contrary to the islam taliban sort of groups propagate.

It amazes me how the greed of power can drive people into extreme violence -- I wonder what will make them happy.. what kind of world are they desiring.

Not cornering islamic fundamentalism, I just don't understand any fundamentalism .. I was surprised to see a documentary made by a friend, 'The world before her' which uncovered rhetoric hindu fundamentalistic ideas being indoctrinated into the mind of young girls..

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