Friday, February 4, 2011

The Ignored Monkey

I was actually searching google pages for a tattoo that would fit to my liking and then I saw one which had the famous ‘3 wise monkeys’ – just that the monkeys were replaced with frogs.

As far as I remember I always thought these rules depicted by this sculpture (it supposedly came from a Japanese folk religion) were brilliant, but yesterday, I had a different take on it.

I thought, if I were to build a fresh sculpture of these monkeys, I would have kept only one and fired the other two. They are not required and you will see why. :-)

The monkey that I would have kept would have his hands placed on his heart depicting acts of love – with a meaning that ‘DO NO EVIL’. If people don’t do evil things then no one would have had to shut their eyes, ears or mouth. :-)

As I was writing this post I was trying to find out if these ‘wise-monkeys’ had any specific name. I did not find any name, however I found out that there indeed was a fourth monkey which had his hands crossed depicting the same idea – and hence I decided to title this post as The ‘Ignored’ Monkey.

Just for a laugh: Maybe the artists of the sculpture were hard core communists, they could not allow 1 monkey to take away the job of 3 others, so instead they chose to omit him and keep the other 3!


Heavy Hearted Housewife said...

That is one of the utmost brilliant things I have ever read.
What would this world be like if there were no evil?

gpoau said...

Writers are not appreciated enough, thank you very much for taking the time to post this.
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ashish kumar pathak said...

its not brilliant it beutiful its not mind blowing its heart touching its not the wit of mind its the purity of heart..... gud job.. one of the best post i read in recent times.....

ashish kumar pathak said...

its not brilliant it beutiful its not mind blowing its heart touching its not the wit of mind its the purity of heart.....gud job. its perhaps one of the best post i have come across in recent times...

saintjimmy121190 said...

I adore this post, it was something I randomly ran into, and could not help but o stop and read it. I am one of those people who get a tattoo and it has to have some meaning, if not a lot. I love the fact you put effort into finding the names, and even added some wit. Thanks for the read :]

Deepshikha said...

thanks for ur msgs :-)

myrtle said...

WoW! that is so amazing. . love your blog.=)

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Sognatrice said...

Hi! I found your blog by looking for the translation of Bandya Ho song. But I didn't understand it well... could you please translate every word of this song? Please contact me, I will be grateful. Greetings from Poland :) Natalia

Deepshikha said...

Thank you for visiting my blog: I am writing the meaning of the song line by line here. word translation will not get the meaning out unless constructed into sentences.. but if you still want to know the meaning of each word, you can write back and i will try and get that for you:

Bullay Noun Samjhawan Ayaan
Bulleh Shah is being explained
Bheynaan Tay Bherjaiyaan
by sisters and sister-in-laws
Man Lay Bulleya Sada Kena
'Bulleh, agree to what we say,
Chad Day Pala Rayaan
leave the company of the araains (a caste)'
Aal Nabi Ullad Nabi Noun
It is the insult of the children of Ali and Prophet
Tu Kyoun Leekaan Layaan
since you are keeping someone of a lower caste in your company
“Jeyra Saanoun Syed Saday
"(In reply to which, Bulleh Shah says) - The one who will address us as 'Sayyed' (a higher caste),
Dozukh Milan Sazaiyaan”
will go to hell'"

Raain, Saain, Sabhan Thaain
Arain and masters are born everywhere.
Rab Deyaan Bay Parwaaiyaan
and god is not bothered (read: does not discriminate against anyone)
Sohniyaan Paray Hatayaan Tay
People whith beautiful hearts
Khoojiyaan Lay Gall Laiyaan
only look for good things.

Jay To Loorain Baagh Baharaan
If you desire the gardens of spring (flowers),
Chaakar Hoo Ja Raiyaan
you should be a servant to the Araains (the lower caste)
Bulley Shah Dee Zaat Kee Puchni
You should not care / worry / ask about the caste of Bulleh Shah
Shakar Ho Razayaan
Instead be grateful to god.

Sognatrice said...

Thank you so much! I will need this song for a small reserach. Best regards, Gosia.

Fowl Ideas said...

The Three Monkeys appeared during the show trial in the original movie, "Planet of the Apes."

Just remember that tattoos don't come off when you get tired of them.

Deepshikha said...

@Fowl Ideas: Very ture, so may be thats exactly why you should choose a tattoo in which you would believe always and maybe at a place where you dont see it constantly (ex. the nape or back .. ) :-) .. BTW, I decided to go for a yin yan with koi fishes on my back .. And till now, I am happy with it :-)