Monday, December 21, 2009

After long..

So much on the news that its difficult to channelize thoughts on one subject. With the risk of making readers feel that I am trivializing issues, I will just randomly write with the flow.
1. Oh, Tiger Woods! -- Why?? I mean if a highly successful rich man who has what it takes to have magnificient women throwing themselves at him just enjoys the attention that he's getting, then what problem does the entire world have? I mean if at all someone has to have a problem, it should be the people involved with Woods and not the world at large. Disengaging him from endorsements and removing all ads on which he appeared, and almost emotionally forcing him to declare a break from golfing makes no sense. Its truly a WTF (as amitV would call it) non-issue.
2. Telengana - TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao got into a 11 day hunger strike and won Telengana. How about PC getting a bit worried about Irom Sharmila who has been on a hunger strike for the past 10 years for the roll back of AFSPA? On the other hand, without debating if it was a good move or a bad move to have a separate state, I wonder if everyone started thinking getting separate was the solution, we would land up having some 600-something states (considering we have some 600-something districts) in this nation.
3. Narayanpatna -- Shame on our system. As nisha susan rightly puts it, someday 'You will not be more afraid of the police than a rapist.'
4. Prostitution, Make legal? - Well I think yes, but make legal with stricter control on the licenses. A good article on outlook, highlighting what happened in places (Australia, Netherland etc) where it has been legalized vs the places (eg. Sweden) where the traffickers have been gotten after, is a good read.
5. Overseas Contingency Operation -- Mr. Obama, 2009 is over and soon will 2010 go by. Do you remember your promise? The world is watching, give us up'dates'!
6. Blue-eyes, Blonde, a sparkling smile, artistic, gentle mmm preferably with a pinch of naughtyness - Scientists say thats how babeis will be 'made' in 2020! The fear that diversity of gentic codes will progressively be lost (considering no one would want to have short, dumb, blind children with crooked smiles) and ofcourse relationships will have different meanings, and the whether it is ethically right to play 'God' are being debated on. But as a respite, parents would not have a tough time explaining their kinder garden kids about how they came into this world!

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khan said...

very intresting post,i like the part about the making of babies it is indeed a clear and present danger to our world........Only God can save us.