Wednesday, January 14, 2009

… Other side of the story

This is not my title, it’s the title given by Sameh Habeeb, a Palestinian.

I request all the influential people of the media and show biz to come up and take the due advantage of their capability and communicate to the world about the grave atrocities acts of barbarism done by the Israeli army on the civilian population of Palestine.

The claim of Israel, when they say that the civilian population is getting killed because they are being used as shield by the hamas is totally untrue. These are nothing, but white lies. Recently a school, where terrified civilians were cramped up together to protect themselves from the constant attacks, was bombed – many died and many more got injured to the hilt of being practically dead. The justification given by Israel was that Hamas men were firing from in front of the school gate – they even came up with a picture of the ‘shooters’, which of course was later confessed to be more than a year old. When the lie behind the picture became known, the Israelis changed their story to say that the hamas was firing from inside the school – which also was untrue, since as per the UN records there were no armed men / terrorists, but only civilian population of mostly women and children.

This is only one such example friends. There are many – and you really don’t have to try too hard to find out. Israel is clearly violating international law in broad day light, and if we, as an international nation do not oppose to it, then shame on us.

To give Indians more reasons, I would like to inform that even Gandhi opposed to the idea of Palestine belonging to the Jews. However, this time I don’t want to quarrel about whom the place belongs to – because at this very hour as you are reading this very post, innocent people in Palestine are dying. We need to do whatever we can to help them. I wish I were a journalist and I could bring this up much more powerfully in the media. Or even a lecturer at a college so that I have a huge audience to talk with. But alas, I am nothing but a regular office goer. However, I would like to do what ever little I can in my capacity, and I need your support.

I want to arrange a peace demonstration in front of Israel Embassy in New Delhi on a Saturday (say, 24th Jan 2009). I am not urging you to take a political/historical stand and form an opinion on the issue of ownership (that can be handled once the bloodshed is over). What is important now is to voice against war on civilians. Accepting the gross unfairness about the war should not be difficult for you, and hence your participation should be justified for yourself. I request you to spread the word around and volunteer to come and show our support and concern towards world peace and peace to Palestine.

You can email me at about your interest to join and I will take it forward. We need you at this hour of distress – we will get together make banners, print posters and come up in as many numbers as possible to demonstrate our opposition to the hurt caused to civilian populations.

I request you again to please come forward, because I cannot do this alone – unless we have a decently big group, the news will not reach where it should. I am dependent on your support for this.

You can email me or write in the comment section and I will get back to you.

Lets get together and Oppose the Israel War on Gaza.

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Anonymous said... the lines : "the Jewish people were once nearly destroyed - the state must protect against similar threats in the future. "

..survival of any race, beats any humanitarian consideration. It is natural to support the weaker side; but war is war and all is fair!