Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A must read on Media Failure while covering the Mumbai Attacks

I would advice everyone to read this post.


Does it matter said...

Yes yes yes.

I wonder why we tend to place them on a pedestal. They are just doing a job, trying to earn their money, and like any other profession - cab-driver, roadside vendor, or prostitute. Trying to earn their money, whichever way possible. Actually the other professions are better - they do not go all out trying to compete with each other, shouting away how good a job they are doing (I have not seen a cab-driver or prostitute ever do that).

And only concerned about TRPs. Why give them a halo of social service and concern for the Nation, when that is something farthest from their minds.

lallopallo said...

Thanks for this link. Iam so glad that I was saved from the electronic Indian media during this tragedy.
It had already become a joke when I left India, 5 years back, and Iam not surprised that it has only gone worse.
Rajdeep sardasi used to be one sane voice when I was around, though Iam not sure how much active he is nowadays.