Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Meaning of life

"meaning to life ?

you are the problem
and the solution too
and everything that lies between
is also you

and so goes on
the endless struggle
to find meaning to life


Read this in Shekar Kapurs blog.

My take on it:

"I don't think one should sit and try to figure out the meaning of life -- for, a meaning almost doesn't exist -- there is no definitive answer. Instead, one should invest time to make a difference -- even if it means making a difference to one person -- to someone who can not directly be of any benefit to you. Many of my extremely intelligent friends just spend too much time trying to find answers to such cryptic questions. The word 'life' has so many different meanings -- how can one possibly find a meaning of something which is so vague, unknown and transient? Instead, one should work -- contribute whatever he can offer -- write to enlighten others, teach to spread knowledge, share and love to give hope -- spread the smile and affection.
And if at all there is a meaning of life, then it shall come someday to you. Just thinking of it over mugs of coffee or beer does no good. The only thing to realize about life is that It is not limited to you and your happiness. It is far, far beyond that."


divya said...

y r u writing so less these days ??

Deepshikha said...

Actually I am keeping very busy these days :( .. So whenever I get time, I prefer reading more than writing .. I am trying to get a broadband connection at home so .. hopefully, I should pick up soon..

Anonymous said...

Hi Deeps,
Wah yaar... This sounds so true...
commenting after a long time but I keep visiting this page regularly.. So do write something soon.

parotechnics said...

my take on SK's post - first of all it seemed like he was speaking of something else as giving meaning to life... and in a way everything we do which isn't just for survival or pleasure is in a way to give meaning to the randomness of life.

However, that was some very bad poetry he seems to have written, and that's a no-no!

Aman said...

hey.. u mailed me once regarding that company uske baad gayab.. i see u online on yahoo all the time.. i messaged quite a few times but no response from ur side.. guess u were busy.. write back when u have time.. tk cr..

Deepak said...

Hi Deepshikha,
I got through to your blog from Shekhar Kapur's pad.
This post is interesting.In trying to define what one should do with life (spread happiness,smile affection) you have explained its meaning. Questioning its meaning need not be an exercise in isolation ,for purposes of intellectual stimulation alone.I do beleive genuine happiness as you seem to suggest comes with genuine self-awareness and acceptance.When one is happy with oneself all barriers to expressing and spreading it go away too,just like that.I do think it is important for one to unlearn irrelevant education and trappings of expectations.Observe what really inspires you and give that more oxygen.You will with no effort simply be 'happy' and with no effort spread it.It only lasts when it comes naturally.

I liked your blog and will visit more often