Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The good new is, I have started working out and eating healthy food.
My aunt in London had taught me how to make a Salsa salad - It is healthy, filling and very tasty. These days I eat 1 large serving of it for lunch and 1 small portion of it along with a small brown bread sandwich for dinner.
I would like to share the recipe of the salad for all the readers who would like to try it either as a meal to lose some pounds, or just as a snack:

1.Finely cut every juicy fruit and vegetable you can think of -- pineapples, apples, oranges, watermelon, cucumber, carrot, tomatoes (i put lots of them) and a few green chillies (Do not put Bananas - if you are thinking of losing weight -- you should avoid bananas -- it is actually a balanced fruiit but it is high in calories).
2.Put some lemon juice, salt and a little honey (I put some chaat masala as well - to give a little Indian feel to it).
3.Keep refrigerated and eat whenever you feel hungry.

The key is to cut the fruits and veggies as finely as you can. The more finely you cut, the better it tastes.

PS. I am hopeful about the mid May mission of mine ;)

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