Thursday, November 29, 2007

Alot happened in Rajdhani

Went home to attend a friends wedding AND to be there with my little bro on his birthday AND to meet my family, cant really say which was the greater reason.
Must admit that the stay was quite eventful –

Friday: The very first day I slashed my thumb badly with a knife and then went ahead with attending a big fat punju sagan (a pre wedding function) – although the reporting time on the card was 7.30 pm, but no cookies for guessing that even when we arrived at 8.30 pm, there was no one – not even the caterers :).
Saturday: Started my day with a visit to Max hospital in Noida to dress my injured blue thumb, met a friend for lunch and then took him to Max hospital Saket to mend his bleeding chin – yes the same brand of hospital twice!! Then met up with another friend and spend some good time.
Sunday: Attended the REALLY BIG FAT punju wedding and was ehm ehm bored :( shhhhhhhh… (my friend will kill me for saying this). Slept in the car on my way back home.
Monday: My brothers birthday – Got up really late – he had already left for school!! And I thought I came with an intension of making it a little special for him Huh.. – I could not even wake up on time! During the day I helped my mum fry pooris for the feast my parents arrange for the less fortunate children at least once a year (this year, it happened to be on my brothers birthday), and then just before my bro was supposed to get back from school, i dozed off. Slept all thru the day till it was late evening and my mom woke me up to cut the little cake my dad got for my bro (yes, my Dad got a cake -- i was surprised since it was very unlike of him. When we were young he used to never do all that, in fact I could not imagine him saying anything more than a little happy birthday.. Looks like he has changed a little).
Tuesday: Bad Bad day – full tension - mat hi batau to accha hai.
Wednesday: Damage repair day – success rate was fair.
Thursday: Took an early, really early morning flight back to Mumbai. (No, I did not do that to report to work on time, but because that was the only cheap flight available - well i should say relatively cheap -- the wedding season has peaked the ticket prices so much that I felt that I am buying a ticket for a trip to the moon!!)

Now - the icing to the cake - just after I got back to Mumbai, I was told that the my dad's laptop crashed today (and I was the last one to use it – that too last night!!). What more?? He had gigs and gigs of important data in it, AND my dad is 62 yrs old AND he is a professor, AND I was the last person to use the machine– I hope you can imagine what is happening.

Murphy’s Law: People never take back up of important data. And the data which is useless is never damaged or lost!!

The last resort to save my ass: I have suggested my dad to send the laptop to a recovery agent -- have kept my fingers crossed till I hear from him :(

Okay, now to end this post on a happy note let me tell you about the good stuff that happened in Delhi-

I met and spent some good time with 4 of my very close friends.
I attended the wedding -- this saves me from being subjected to a life long complain of not attending the wedding :)
Was with my bro after a long time on his birthday (although I did not really do anything major -- I slept all day instead .. bad sister :()
Spent a little time with mom, and even lesser time with dad -- but it was good -- we did not have any argument ;)

A few pictures:


ajay noronha said...

welcome back! was wondering where you disappeared!

Deepshikha said...

Thanks :) .. I must admit you saw quite alot of wildlife in Bandipur.. Lucky you :)

Vineeta said...

Well, I did know about your Max hospital trip. Didn't know there were trips. Hope ur thumb is ok now.

Deepshikha said...

@Vineeta: My thumb is much better now .. Thanx