Friday, October 5, 2007

Chak diya India ne....

The results of a recent survey conducted by Durex on sexual behavior of people all over the world was announced a few weeks ago, and guess what we came out with flying colors.

The report says “Urban Indians have one of the most exciting sex life in the world and are also the most open lovers in the world when it comes to talking to partners about sex. Almost three-quarters (74 per cent) of Indians surveyed are comfortable with telling their partners what they like in bed way above the global average of 58 per cent and the UK with just 49 per cent”

Considering the fact that India has by large a sexually repressed culture, where openly talking of sex, sex before marriage, sex without the intention of procreation etc is a sharamnaak baat (shameful), it is interesting to find results like this.

“The survey further points out that two-third of Indians (68 per cent) think their love lives are exciting, a sharp contrast with 38 per cent for English lovers and 36 per cent for famed lovers in France. Moreover, 63 per cent of Indians say they have enough variety, compared with 47 per cent in the UK and just 9 per cent in Japan.”
Wow. Why not, after all we belong to the land of the Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples.

“Fidelity is still something that Indians are proud of, shows the survey which said that Indians have had fewer sexual partners than most other countries. Indian men have averaged six lovers and women have averaged two, while in the UK the figures are 16 and 10 respectively. Globally men, on average, have 13 partners and women have seven.”

Don’t want to comment on the fidelity factor, but yes, I am not very sure how correct these figures are. Looking at the people around me (in the software industry, for all those who don’t know where I earn my bread from), I think the average value is exaggerated. I mean there sure are people here as well who have helped maintain those averages, but I think there is this one set of people with more than six partners (>>6) and there are this other set suffering the single partner syndrome (by pressure or purpose – mostly by pressure – the lack of being able to make a choice or being lucky ;)).

Jo bhi hai, India ne chak dia, ek baar phir. Its ‘V’ for Victory, or shall I say it is ‘F’ .

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