Monday, July 16, 2007


As a teenager, I remember doing this exercise at a summer camp in which the team was shown a picture (a geometrical design) and were asked to share what they thought it could be. Alongside is the picture that was given to us. And I remember imagining this to be : 1. An poached egg . 2. A top view of a dancing girl :) and.. 3) An eclipse and 4) A tyre.. .. You tell me, what comes to your mind..


Vineeta said...

1. A doughnut (I am a foodie! ;) )
2. Top view of a wide brim hat

Romuald said...

Well, for me, it could be
1) an UFO
2) a salad bowl
3) a fractal (
4) no intersection
It's not very easy to find ideas !

Anonymous said...

-me trapped in IT industry.
-me wearing a hat.
-fried egg.
-ego consumed by existence.

Nandita said...

I see POLO "A mint with a hole"

krishantomar said...

1)An Iris (most visible part of the eye of vertebrates, including humans).
2)Meditation Tool
3)A disc
4)A lofty circumscribed circle riddle.
5)Spacecraft of unknown origin.

Deepshikha said...

Nandita: I loved it :)
Vineeta: Doughnut :) .. Makes me feel nice
Anonymous: 'ego consumed by existence' .. hmm.. i wish i could ask u to elaborate, good thinking :)
Krishan: 'A lofty circumscribed circle riddle' -- flowery language :)